Open Science Community X

The Open Science Community X is part of the worldwide open science community network and of the open science community network in the Netherlands. It encompasses all educational institutions in the whole wide world. Open science communities are an initiative to create a platform for researchers and students from all faculties and academic levels to subscribe to the open science philosophy, talk and learn about open science practices, and get concrete advice and help on how to apply them in their research projects. The Open Science Communities are organizing events, both in-person and online.

OSC-X News

  • OS is awesome
    Everything is awesomeEverything is cool when you’re part of a teamEverything is awesomeWhen you’re living out a dream Everything is better when we stick togetherSide by side, you and I are gonna win foreverLet’s party foreverWe’re the same, I’m like you, you’re like meWe are working in harmony Everything is awesomeEverything is cool when you’re …
  • Example post
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The OSCX Board

R. Emmetos
Architect engineer
University of Xanadu
B. Ardot
Professor architect
University of Xanadu
Q. Missos
Xanada Highschool
S. Hudatso
Enginering architect
University of Xanadu
S. Knossos
Professor architect
University of Ningxia
S.C Arface
Professor enginering
University of Xanadu