Open Scholarship Café: Open Access Publishing – everything you need to know on 27th Sept 2023

On 27 September 2023 we will have another Open Scholarship Café! This time we will return to a core Open practice: Open Access publishing!

Open Access is an academic publishing model which makes research freely available to read, avoiding subscriptions or paywalls. Open Access comes in many flavours and this session will focus on the Library’s recent Open Access agreements (also called transformative agreements) with a number of publishers that allow you as the author to publish Open Access without cost to you.

No previous knowledge or publishing experience is needed for this session! The University of Galway Open Scholarship Librarian Hardy Schwamm will introduce the rationale and process of these Open Access agreements, and the context in which these agreements have been developed. We will also look briefly at Green Open Access and how you can publish your research using our institutional repository ARAN.

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