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Welcome to OSC-NL!

OSC-NL is a network of coordinators of Dutch Open Science Communities (OSC). We stimulate collaboration amongst Dutch OSCs and provide input to research policy, infrastructure and services.

By the same token, OSC-NL is the Dutch national chapter of the International Network of Open Science Communities (INOSC).

Want to know more about OSCs? Check out our video or click on the image below to go to the website of the OSC of your choice.


Vision & Mission of OSC the Netherlands

The norms and practices in academia are shifting towards Open Science (OS). This shift is an ongoing process and involves universities, research funders, public administration and publishers. There is no doubt that OS is the way forward. However, different stakeholders have different views on what OS means. Hence, its practical implementation and the path towards a more open academic world is still unclear.

We believe that university staff are best suited to lead the path towards OS – those who put OS to practice. That is why local bottom-up Open Science Communities (OSCs) are crucial in this transition (see our white-paper). OSCs can articulate the opportunities and obstacles that researchers and other staff experience, while learning new skills and sharing knowledge.

In the Netherlands, all major universities have launched  OSCs – a good start! Now is the time to foster local OSCs, strengthen the national network and become more vocal. We focus on the following aims:

  • Stimulate collaboration amongst Dutch OSCs 
    OSC-NL facilitates knowledge exchange amongst OSCs, e.g. by sharing success stories and good practices, to make local OSCs more effective. Also, OSC-NL stimulates and coordinates joint efforts of Dutch OSCs, e.g. joint events, projects or working groups. 
  • Provide input to policy, infrastructure and services
    OSC-NL vocalizes the opportunities and needs as experienced by those who (aspire to) put OS to practice; as such it can be considered an ‘OS union’ in the Netherlands. By interacting with national stakeholders in the OS landscape (e.g. NWO, ZonMW, VSNU, OCW, etc.), OSC-NL provides input to policy, infrastructure and services.

Board members of OSC the Netherlands

Loek Brinkman
OSC Utrecht
Anita Eerland
OSC Nijmegen
Raul Zurita-Milla
OSC Twente
Vera Heininga
OSC Groningen
Rianne Fijten
OSC Maastricht
Anna van ‘t Veer
OSC Leiden
Daan Rutten
OSC Tilburg
Alexandra Sarafoglou
OSC Amsterdam

Start your own OSC

Want to start your own OSC at your university? Here’s a ‘sneak peak’ from our OSC Starter Kit:


  • Find founding members
  • Connect with us!
  • Be visible
  • Attract initial members
  • Connect to other initiatives
  • Launch!


  • Attract members
  • Inspire Open Science Partners


  • Foster diversity and inclusivity
  • Interact with institutional stakeholders
  • Interact with society


  • The future is open!

Ready to give it a go? You can find the full Starter Kit (for free!) at
Get in touch with us for tips and tricks to get your show on the road. We are more than happy to help!

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