Category: OSC Lisboa SSH Open Marketplace Workshop

SSH Open Marketplace Workshop

June 18, 2024

Tuesday, 18/June/2024:
9:00am - 1:00pm

Session Chair: Laure Barbot, DARIAH-EU
Session Chair: Michael Kurzmeier, ACDH-CH

Location: Avenida de Berna 26C, Berna Campus, NOVA FCSH, Lisbon, Portugal

Details for specific rooms to come later


The SSH Open Marketplace - - is a discovery portal which pools and contextualises resources for Social Sciences and Humanities research communities: tools, services, training materials, datasets, publications and workflows. As one of the core DARIAH services, flagship of the SSHOC Cluster, the SSH Open Marketplace is used to document research workflows (see existing workflows).
To participate in this workshop, please register via this registration form. Please make sure you register on time as the registration will be closing on June 4th. This is an in-person workshop.

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